I Can Thrive 55

Its true, lets face it… 55 is getting up there. How may times have I said “Gee I’m not sure I can or even should try to do”…. that, or even attempt something because I think I may be a little to old for that.

Funny thing is that age is in the mind and the body is more capable than we give it credit. This summer has been an experience to support that and I’m a believer.

I decided that this year I was going to take on a few events that have been rattling around in my mind and I was going to make them part of my story by doing them.

While I try to maintain a fitness level that I’ll go into detail about in future posts, I was iffy on being over 55 and doing OCR (Obstacle Course Races) and a grueling back country trail hike on Canada’s (WCT) West Coast Trail.

What I was super surprised to find out was that both the OCR and WCT have there share of the over 50 crowd participating.

How does one get on board, its simple, sign up and start preparing. Get some skills, find out how you can modify them to support your current capabilities. Find your fitness tolerances and push them further each time you use them, basically just use them. Your bodies going to adapt, that’s what its designed to do, I tell myself.

Granted OCR and WCT camping may not be your thing. Just substitute your activity, research where you can join in and just do it (thanks NIKE). Make it your thing and keep looking for the next opportunity.

Have fun,


Find some help on finding your groove here:

Disclaimer: the information on this Blog is not intended to be taken as advice, always seek the direction of your medical professional before starting an exercise or physical activity.

3 thoughts on “I Can Thrive 55

  1. You’re welcome, Bruce! I agree with what you are saying here. I find as people age, many begin to use their age as an excuse to stop being active. The worst thing! Use it or lose it!

    I love seeing older people, and you hardly qualify at 55, working out hard at the gym or outside or anywhere. And have fun doing it. Your advice to research and find your thing is excellent.


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