– Nobody Cares- ;)

It’s possible to have some one pickup your laundry or select clothing that is more flattering.  When it comes to the layers under you clothing, no one can easily or without great cost make those improvements. 

People that surround you are unable to do the things needed for you to improve your fitness levels which in turn ultimately your physical and mental health, lets call that H-wealth.
Even your greatest fans don’t control your thoughts and actions, nobody cares like you should about you.  The body is a tool that requires maintenance and without care will deteriorate to a state that places unwanted weight and stress on your mental state, effecting those around you.
Caring what happens to you now and to your future self is the first step in a maintenance mindset and with enough effort applied an improvement lifestyle. 
Others are occupied with their own lives and will be relieved to see you taking ownership of what can be amazing experiences served by this body.  You should be aware that changes are not easy to get and maintains, if they were easy everyone would be signed up and sporting six packs,  trophies and medals.  It’s a slow and steady battle, but what else are you going to do that is more valuable and important in your life.  Mortality and illness can be beaten back and you can reclaim what you were born to own, a healthy body that affords you the mobility to experience this world.  And a mind clear of immediate concerns about failing health. 

I have had my health struggles and was diagnosed and live my life with Celiac disease. This was kind of a blessing as it forced me to get my diet under control, mostly. Living with Celiac can make you tired and combined with a thyroid issue I can really drag. So, I say okay the situation calls for some changes in my behavior so that I get enough rest. I control these new aspects and take care of myself like someone that I want to help.

Have fun,


This Blog is devoted to sharing my personal insights, knowledge gathered and hopefully some external motivation to support you in making the changes you always wanted and deserve.
Check back for coming posts on topics such as; steps to getting started, going it solo vs teams, finding purpose and setting achievable goals.

Disclaimer: the information on this Blog is not intended to be taken as advice, always seek the direction of your medical professional before starting an exercise or physical activity.

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