Introducing Myself

Bike trip to Montana – Road to the Sun

Hey all, happy to be here. I’m looking forward to the chance to share some stories and insights about my journey to better health.

I consider myself one of the older guys… But one that can hold his own. I do this through a combination of mental discipline, diet and exercise that are designed to provide me a more physically rewarding lifestyle.

I wanted to share that as the guy next door “type”, we can set out on similar paths to health and wellness. Because hanging with similar minded people will help for sure.

Other considerations that I believe in:

Doing the simple things right and being mindful that each day is a new opportunity to do better than yesterday.

Being kind to ourselves, so we don’t beat ourselves up over yesterdays missteps. Remembering you have goals that are important to you.

Take on curious, fun and playful mindset about this!

Have fun,


Disclaimer: the information on this Blog is not intended to be taken as advice, always seek the direction of your medical professional before starting an exercise or physical activity.

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