Why go for a “walk and talk”

A few years back, Somendra, a fit friend from work and I devised a “walk and talk” approach instead of sitting down for coffee to converse.

Either he or I would send an email message with the subject line “walk and talk” and a few moments, or an hour or so later we would be off on a walk to discuss what ever was going on.

Walking is a great health indicator and a great way to get the body moving. What I discovered is that only 5 minutes into a walk my lower back, shoulders and neck would start to tense up.

Posture is a huge factor in walking, the body has a tendency to shorten the muscles to the length they are usually are in. In my case I found that my hip flexors were short, and my shoulders were hunched and my head was no longer erect due to desk work.

The Ahha moment came when I acted as though the top of my head had a string attached that was being pulled up to sky when walking.

Later came the shoulders back and down, chest proud and stomach in and core muscles engaged. If your bum sticks out a bit because hip flexors are tight due to sitting to much… then you want to tuck it in, just a bit.

My back problem when walking is now almost eliminated so long as I remember my alignment and stand tall. Now if only traffic lights would cooperate I’d really be getting in a good step count.

Better alignment test: when viewed from the side, imagine is a straight line down from the ears, center of the shoulder, center of the hips, knees and ankles.

All the best and have fun,


Disclaimer: the information on this Blog is not intended to be taken as advice, always seek the direction of your medical professional before starting an exercise or physical activity.

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