Finding comfort in discomfort is how you succeed

Going to the edge and staying there longer than you want is where the changes happen. This premise is a recurring theme in personal growth, and is especially true in fitness because its so easy to measure. Take an exercise like push-ups or sit-ups where you can count how many you did today. Did you go to the limit, was that all you could do, what was the count.

I have a favorite group fitness instructor who when motivating the class to complete the final reps, in the final set, tells me (at least it seems like she is speaking directly to me) over her microphone that “You can do one more of anything, come on, one more! Grrrr… Or my Yogi tells me get lower in that warrior stance, and now hold it a bit longer. That shaking feeling in your legs is good, that means you’re getting stronger. And you will hear it if you’re fortunate enough to have a work-out (read any exercise) buddy that pushes you to do just one more each time.

What is discomfort, firstly it’s not pain. Discomfort is a voice in your head that says I don’t like this and I want to stop doing it. Discomfort is taking one more sit-up or a push-up after you hear that voice. Hell, chances are that you could probably do a few more after that voice begins. But growth in moderation is the best way to keep going day after day, making measured improvements and achieving incremental success at micro levels. Remember to take the long view, over time the little stuff adds up to big changes. Always strive for that “one more”.

The next time the mind gets in the way of going to the limit of your comfort and preventing growth, let the thought just pass by… And go for it, one more time. It’s just a little discomfort and it will also pass. Always strive for that “one more”. The edge is where you will find the path to success.

Needless to say; that’s why its important to track and measure where you are today, how else can you challenge yourself to do just one more tomorrow?

Come on, give me one more!

Thanks for visiting, and have fun.


Disclaimer: the information on this Blog is not intended to be taken as advice, always seek the direction of your medical professional before starting an exercise or physical activity.

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