Winning with a training partner

What the truth behind the slogan above, or perhaps better stated “what’s the meaning” behind it?

If you are on-board with it, I’d like to define the word “things” in the slogan as “dreams/goals”

A deeper dive is needed to get to the truth behind this – A gym or training partner is someone to have near you that elevates the dreams and goals you are to achieve, I dare say it – they are is not.

I’d say that they are “supportive” in ways that they cooperate, compete and drive you to perform better. And by better I mean, closer to your personal images of an ideal self. But for them to give you some new ideals (vision or objectives) would be kin to letting them take the wheel in your vehicle and also letting them select a destination.

You would not want to wind-up a body builder when deep inside, you would rather “run like the wind blows” (thanks Forest Gump), done just because someone had put dumbbell weights in your hands and instructed you to curl em’.

It’s a harsh reality that setting goals and dreams are your responsibility and the keys to achieving them are also your job to obtain. Setting a clear purpose is always better than any external motivator that can fade or a partner that can fail to show up. Find your path, get on it and with support and purpose stay the course.

I believe that training partners are incredible sources of joy and camaraderie when they are on par with you athletically (this would exclude any coach/mentor relationships). To be an effective partner, my favorite times have always been when both individuals act “shoulder to shoulder” in there efforts and ability.

It can be truly elating to meet eyes with your partner at the completion of a common task, get the hi 5, some challenging remark, a chest bump (or what have you). Then move on to the next activity, banging them off one by one, moving efficiently and systematically as a team. Then to finally conclude the workout together and setting the date, hour and place for the next time.

Pick an appropriate partner, know that they are there to regularly support “your” goals and always reciprocate…remembering to always have fun.

Thanks for reading the blog, do you agree or disagree-please leave your comments.


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