eat for your body type

Ever-evolving ideas about eating right is more convoluted then ever before. What is the aim for some of these eating systems has to be thought about critically.

There are so many meal plans out there on the Internet, book stores and businesses. Some of which are supported by the government, others ostracized. Where can one go to find the true capabilities of our bodies ability to process foods as a source of improved health and well being?

My thoughts based on my best understanding so far, are that meal plans based on ancient life styles are often hijacked by modern authors, and each writer puts their own spin on it. If this is the case, then why not look back and review these ancient lives and discover the original eating patterns.

One of the oldest documented diets (I resisted using the term) is from the Vedic period 1500 to 500 BCE. In that time, the leaders documented that there are three primary body types and each should eat differently based on this. In some cases it is less strait forward, as some people are blends of two primary Ayurvedic body types.

A quick search on the internet will return numerous questionnaires that help to identify your type (dosha) and the foods that best alight to your needs (gunas).

Basically eat for your body type, one guide of macro nutrient combinations and proportions does not fit all.

All the best and live well.


2 thoughts on “eat for your body type

  1. I agree, I think it is important to eat foods that work with our specific body type. What works for me is definitely not for everyone, but moderation can be implemented in everyone’s lives.
    I like the idea of finding what is best for ourselves and supporting each other.
    There are strong opinions that try to sway us because of beliefs etc and add to the confusion of proper food choices.

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    1. Hi Jackie, Your comment about support is notable. It’s hard to make “new” food choices that may not jive with others ideas, or how it may have been in the past. Getting support is super helpful.

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