your body is too busy processing food to care

Look there’s food, and it looks delicious, I had better eat it…

What’s our conventional western wisdom say about eating. Does culture define what and when you will need to eat. Many of us feel that having food is a statement of status, and having plenty of food is what those of us in positions of status do. After all, food is a resource available to the more fortunate, so more food means – more fortunate, right? Therefore three lavish meals a day and plenty of party foods while socializing is expected.

I’ll suggest that eating often will keep the your body very busy, too busy. And a busy body is one that places priority on immediate demands; like those that are needed to process foods in the digestive system. Our bodies other tasks, which are less urgent in demand, include but are not limited to: elimination of toxins from tissue and fluids, shedding old cells and performing general repairs, launching attacks against cancers by immune system; these important tasks are unfortunately deferred until later, if ever.

An ancient saying from about 3800 BC in Egypt “Humans live on one quarter of what they eat; on the other 3 quarters lives their doctor”. If this is so, we can interpret that eating less will keep us healthier, and having less ailments (therefore not visiting the doctor needlessly).

Each time food is available and you are feeling a desire to consume it perhaps to be sociable, or possibly to justify a misguided feeling of status; maybe just be gracious and take a polite pass. The truth is you’re not going to irreparably insult anyone or damage a relationship by not indulging. Just be polite and refuse.

Let your body know that you don’t need it and going without food can at times show power over our situation, demonstrating a little discipline is good for the soul and self-esteem. This sacrifice give your body time to do the important maintenance that it tends to put on the back burner, when you are all too often grazing on munchies or can find yourself overfilling your dinner plate. Try to re-frame it as I am doing myself good by passing up on what I don’t need to do the things I do.

Enjoy this holiday season knowing that taking food is not a (real) requirement for a good time, but looking and feeling healthy is. Plus, a little hunger will help keep your mind clear and on your toes, when formulating cleaver responses to those zingers that often come your way when visiting family and friends.

To your better health!


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