The First H.T.Blog Post

on a long enough timeline, we can all succeed

Look in the mirror. That’s your competition.”

– author unknown

This is the first post on my new blog. I’m just getting this new Health, Fitness and Wellness blog going, so stay tuned for more.

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Remember to always have fun.

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Disclaimer: the information on this Blog is not intended to be taken as advice, always seek the direction of your medical professional before starting an exercise or physical activity.

your body is too busy processing food to care

Look there’s food, and it looks delicious, I had better eat it…

What’s our conventional western wisdom say about eating. Does culture define what and when you will need to eat. Many of us feel that having food is a statement of status, and having plenty of food is what those of us in positions of status do. After all, food is a resource available to the more fortunate, so more food means – more fortunate, right? Therefore three lavish meals a day and plenty of party foods while socializing is expected.

I’ll suggest that eating often will keep the your body very busy, too busy. And a busy body is one that places priority on immediate demands; like those that are needed to process foods in the digestive system. Our bodies other tasks, which are less urgent in demand, include but are not limited to: elimination of toxins from tissue and fluids, shedding old cells and performing general repairs, launching attacks against cancers by immune system; these important tasks are unfortunately deferred until later, if ever.

An ancient saying from about 3800 BC in Egypt “Humans live on one quarter of what they eat; on the other 3 quarters lives their doctor”. If this is so, we can interpret that eating less will keep us healthier, and having less ailments (therefore not visiting the doctor needlessly).

Each time food is available and you are feeling a desire to consume it perhaps to be sociable, or possibly to justify a misguided feeling of status; maybe just be gracious and take a polite pass. The truth is you’re not going to irreparably insult anyone or damage a relationship by not indulging. Just be polite and refuse.

Let your body know that you don’t need it and going without food can at times show power over our situation, demonstrating a little discipline is good for the soul and self-esteem. This sacrifice give your body time to do the important maintenance that it tends to put on the back burner, when you are all too often grazing on munchies or can find yourself overfilling your dinner plate. Try to re-frame it as I am doing myself good by passing up on what I don’t need to do the things I do.

Enjoy this holiday season knowing that taking food is not a (real) requirement for a good time, but looking and feeling healthy is. Plus, a little hunger will help keep your mind clear and on your toes, when formulating cleaver responses to those zingers that often come your way when visiting family and friends.

To your better health!


eat for your body type

Ever-evolving ideas about eating right is more convoluted then ever before. What is the aim for some of these eating systems has to be thought about critically.

There are so many meal plans out there on the Internet, book stores and businesses. Some of which are supported by the government, others ostracized. Where can one go to find the true capabilities of our bodies ability to process foods as a source of improved health and well being?

My thoughts based on my best understanding so far, are that meal plans based on ancient life styles are often hijacked by modern authors, and each writer puts their own spin on it. If this is the case, then why not look back and review these ancient lives and discover the original eating patterns.

One of the oldest documented diets (I resisted using the term) is from the Vedic period 1500 to 500 BCE. In that time, the leaders documented that there are three primary body types and each should eat differently based on this. In some cases it is less strait forward, as some people are blends of two primary Ayurvedic body types.

A quick search on the internet will return numerous questionnaires that help to identify your type (dosha) and the foods that best alight to your needs (gunas).

Basically eat for your body type, one guide of macro nutrient combinations and proportions does not fit all.

All the best and live well.


Winning with a training partner

What the truth behind the slogan above, or perhaps better stated “what’s the meaning” behind it?

If you are on-board with it, I’d like to define the word “things” in the slogan as “dreams/goals”

A deeper dive is needed to get to the truth behind this – A gym or training partner is someone to have near you that elevates the dreams and goals you are to achieve, I dare say it – they are is not.

I’d say that they are “supportive” in ways that they cooperate, compete and drive you to perform better. And by better I mean, closer to your personal images of an ideal self. But for them to give you some new ideals (vision or objectives) would be kin to letting them take the wheel in your vehicle and also letting them select a destination.

You would not want to wind-up a body builder when deep inside, you would rather “run like the wind blows” (thanks Forest Gump), done just because someone had put dumbbell weights in your hands and instructed you to curl em’.

It’s a harsh reality that setting goals and dreams are your responsibility and the keys to achieving them are also your job to obtain. Setting a clear purpose is always better than any external motivator that can fade or a partner that can fail to show up. Find your path, get on it and with support and purpose stay the course.

I believe that training partners are incredible sources of joy and camaraderie when they are on par with you athletically (this would exclude any coach/mentor relationships). To be an effective partner, my favorite times have always been when both individuals act “shoulder to shoulder” in there efforts and ability.

It can be truly elating to meet eyes with your partner at the completion of a common task, get the hi 5, some challenging remark, a chest bump (or what have you). Then move on to the next activity, banging them off one by one, moving efficiently and systematically as a team. Then to finally conclude the workout together and setting the date, hour and place for the next time.

Pick an appropriate partner, know that they are there to regularly support “your” goals and always reciprocate…remembering to always have fun.

Thanks for reading the blog, do you agree or disagree-please leave your comments.


Finding comfort in discomfort is how you succeed

Going to the edge and staying there longer than you want is where the changes happen. This premise is a recurring theme in personal growth, and is especially true in fitness because its so easy to measure. Take an exercise like push-ups or sit-ups where you can count how many you did today. Did you go to the limit, was that all you could do, what was the count.

I have a favorite group fitness instructor who when motivating the class to complete the final reps, in the final set, tells me (at least it seems like she is speaking directly to me) over her microphone that “You can do one more of anything, come on, one more! Grrrr… Or my Yogi tells me get lower in that warrior stance, and now hold it a bit longer. That shaking feeling in your legs is good, that means you’re getting stronger. And you will hear it if you’re fortunate enough to have a work-out (read any exercise) buddy that pushes you to do just one more each time.

What is discomfort, firstly it’s not pain. Discomfort is a voice in your head that says I don’t like this and I want to stop doing it. Discomfort is taking one more sit-up or a push-up after you hear that voice. Hell, chances are that you could probably do a few more after that voice begins. But growth in moderation is the best way to keep going day after day, making measured improvements and achieving incremental success at micro levels. Remember to take the long view, over time the little stuff adds up to big changes. Always strive for that “one more”.

The next time the mind gets in the way of going to the limit of your comfort and preventing growth, let the thought just pass by… And go for it, one more time. It’s just a little discomfort and it will also pass. Always strive for that “one more”. The edge is where you will find the path to success.

Needless to say; that’s why its important to track and measure where you are today, how else can you challenge yourself to do just one more tomorrow?

Come on, give me one more!

Thanks for visiting, and have fun.


Disclaimer: the information on this Blog is not intended to be taken as advice, always seek the direction of your medical professional before starting an exercise or physical activity.

Why go for a “walk and talk”

A few years back, Somendra, a fit friend from work and I devised a “walk and talk” approach instead of sitting down for coffee to converse.

Either he or I would send an email message with the subject line “walk and talk” and a few moments, or an hour or so later we would be off on a walk to discuss what ever was going on.

Walking is a great health indicator and a great way to get the body moving. What I discovered is that only 5 minutes into a walk my lower back, shoulders and neck would start to tense up.

Posture is a huge factor in walking, the body has a tendency to shorten the muscles to the length they are usually are in. In my case I found that my hip flexors were short, and my shoulders were hunched and my head was no longer erect due to desk work.

The Ahha moment came when I acted as though the top of my head had a string attached that was being pulled up to sky when walking.

Later came the shoulders back and down, chest proud and stomach in and core muscles engaged. If your bum sticks out a bit because hip flexors are tight due to sitting to much… then you want to tuck it in, just a bit.

My back problem when walking is now almost eliminated so long as I remember my alignment and stand tall. Now if only traffic lights would cooperate I’d really be getting in a good step count.

Better alignment test: when viewed from the side, imagine is a straight line down from the ears, center of the shoulder, center of the hips, knees and ankles.

All the best and have fun,


Disclaimer: the information on this Blog is not intended to be taken as advice, always seek the direction of your medical professional before starting an exercise or physical activity.

– Nobody Cares- ;)

It’s possible to have some one pickup your laundry or select clothing that is more flattering.  When it comes to the layers under you clothing, no one can easily or without great cost make those improvements. 

People that surround you are unable to do the things needed for you to improve your fitness levels which in turn ultimately your physical and mental health, lets call that H-wealth.
Even your greatest fans don’t control your thoughts and actions, nobody cares like you should about you.  The body is a tool that requires maintenance and without care will deteriorate to a state that places unwanted weight and stress on your mental state, effecting those around you.
Caring what happens to you now and to your future self is the first step in a maintenance mindset and with enough effort applied an improvement lifestyle. 
Others are occupied with their own lives and will be relieved to see you taking ownership of what can be amazing experiences served by this body.  You should be aware that changes are not easy to get and maintains, if they were easy everyone would be signed up and sporting six packs,  trophies and medals.  It’s a slow and steady battle, but what else are you going to do that is more valuable and important in your life.  Mortality and illness can be beaten back and you can reclaim what you were born to own, a healthy body that affords you the mobility to experience this world.  And a mind clear of immediate concerns about failing health. 

I have had my health struggles and was diagnosed and live my life with Celiac disease. This was kind of a blessing as it forced me to get my diet under control, mostly. Living with Celiac can make you tired and combined with a thyroid issue I can really drag. So, I say okay the situation calls for some changes in my behavior so that I get enough rest. I control these new aspects and take care of myself like someone that I want to help.

Have fun,


This Blog is devoted to sharing my personal insights, knowledge gathered and hopefully some external motivation to support you in making the changes you always wanted and deserve.
Check back for coming posts on topics such as; steps to getting started, going it solo vs teams, finding purpose and setting achievable goals.

Disclaimer: the information on this Blog is not intended to be taken as advice, always seek the direction of your medical professional before starting an exercise or physical activity.

I Can Thrive 55

Its true, lets face it… 55 is getting up there. How may times have I said “Gee I’m not sure I can or even should try to do”…. that, or even attempt something because I think I may be a little to old for that.

Funny thing is that age is in the mind and the body is more capable than we give it credit. This summer has been an experience to support that and I’m a believer.

I decided that this year I was going to take on a few events that have been rattling around in my mind and I was going to make them part of my story by doing them.

While I try to maintain a fitness level that I’ll go into detail about in future posts, I was iffy on being over 55 and doing OCR (Obstacle Course Races) and a grueling back country trail hike on Canada’s (WCT) West Coast Trail.

What I was super surprised to find out was that both the OCR and WCT have there share of the over 50 crowd participating.

How does one get on board, its simple, sign up and start preparing. Get some skills, find out how you can modify them to support your current capabilities. Find your fitness tolerances and push them further each time you use them, basically just use them. Your bodies going to adapt, that’s what its designed to do, I tell myself.

Granted OCR and WCT camping may not be your thing. Just substitute your activity, research where you can join in and just do it (thanks NIKE). Make it your thing and keep looking for the next opportunity.

Have fun,


Find some help on finding your groove here:

Disclaimer: the information on this Blog is not intended to be taken as advice, always seek the direction of your medical professional before starting an exercise or physical activity.

Introducing Myself

Bike trip to Montana – Road to the Sun

Hey all, happy to be here. I’m looking forward to the chance to share some stories and insights about my journey to better health.

I consider myself one of the older guys… But one that can hold his own. I do this through a combination of mental discipline, diet and exercise that are designed to provide me a more physically rewarding lifestyle.

I wanted to share that as the guy next door “type”, we can set out on similar paths to health and wellness. Because hanging with similar minded people will help for sure.

Other considerations that I believe in:

Doing the simple things right and being mindful that each day is a new opportunity to do better than yesterday.

Being kind to ourselves, so we don’t beat ourselves up over yesterdays missteps. Remembering you have goals that are important to you.

Take on curious, fun and playful mindset about this!

Have fun,


Disclaimer: the information on this Blog is not intended to be taken as advice, always seek the direction of your medical professional before starting an exercise or physical activity.