your body is too busy processing food to care

Look there’s food, and it looks delicious, I had better eat it… What’s our conventional western wisdom say about eating. Does culture define what and when you will need to eat. Many of us feel that having food is a statement of status, and having plenty of food is what those of us in positionsContinue reading “your body is too busy processing food to care”

eat for your body type

Ever-evolving ideas about eating right is more convoluted then ever before. What is the aim for some of these eating systems has to be thought about critically. There are so many meal plans out there on the Internet, book stores and businesses. Some of which are supported by the government, others ostracized. Where can oneContinue reading “eat for your body type”

Winning with a training partner

What the truth behind the slogan above, or perhaps better stated “what’s the meaning” behind it? If you are on-board with it, I’d like to define the word “things” in the slogan as “dreams/goals” A deeper dive is needed to get to the truth behind this – A gym or training partner is someone toContinue reading “Winning with a training partner”

Finding comfort in discomfort is how you succeed

Going to the edge and staying there longer than you want is where the changes happen. This premise is a recurring theme in personal growth, and is especially true in fitness because its so easy to measure. Take an exercise like push-ups or sit-ups where you can count how many you did today. Did youContinue reading “Finding comfort in discomfort is how you succeed”

– Nobody Cares- ;)

It’s possible to have some one pickup your laundry or select clothing that is more flattering.  When it comes to the layers under you clothing, no one can easily or without great cost make those improvements.  People that surround you are unable to do the things needed for you to improve your fitness levels whichContinue reading “– Nobody Cares- ;)”

The First H.T.Blog Post

Look in the mirror. That’s your competition.” – author unknown This is the first post on my new blog. I’m just getting this new Health, Fitness and Wellness blog going, so stay tuned for more. Please subscribe below to get notified when I post new updates. Remember to always have fun. Thanks for visiting, BruceContinue reading “The First H.T.Blog Post”